How can I pay?

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with the following methods: PayPal, card (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Prepaid Cards), Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer.

The 18APP payment method is not supported by our platform for technical reasons, which is why it cannot be used.

How does the bank transfer work?

If you choose the bank transfer option, you have 7 working days to make it with the data that will be sent to you after check-out. If it is not placed within 7 days, your order will be cancelled.

Once placed, the order will be shipped upon receipt of payment in your bank account (3-4 working days).

Shipping: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

For all information relating to shipments, consult the following page .

If I buy more than one album, how much will I pay for shipping?

The cost of shipping costs varies based on weight and area of ​​residence.

Do you ship to all regions?

Yes! We cover the entire Italian territory. If you have shipping problems, you can contact us via email.

Are the albums original? All product information

Are the albums original? Are they complete with everything? Do they include photocards?

Every album (and type of merchandise) in our catalog is original and ordered directly from South Korea, through specialized suppliers.
You can see the authenticity of your albums from the KOMCA sticker found on the back of each CD: if illuminated with the flash the sticker will reflect a musical note, proving that the product is original and not a copy.

The albums are new and sealed, therefore all the inclusions listed on our site are present inside them.

As for posters, it depends from product to product. All the details about it can be found in the product sheets. Please note: In most cases posters are only included during the pre-order period or first prints. If you have not received the poster, we have probably run out of stock and cannot restock it.

Which charts are your albums valid for?

Currently only for Gaon Chart and Hanteo Chart. As for Italy, they are not currently valid for the FIMI ranking.

I placed a pre-order, when will it arrive?

How do pre-orders work?

The purchase of a pre-order album is identical to that of an album already available in stock, and occurs in the same way. The only difference is found in the waiting period: in fact, a pre-order album will arrive to us in a period between 2 and 5 weeks after the official release in Korea. The timing of availability in the store is always indicated on the product sheet.

Pre-order albums often contain additional photocards or benefits: any pre-order benefits included are reported in the product sheet.

The preorder benefits which consist of exclusive photocards are original and are provided by the supplier himself. They may differ slightly from those of other stores in print, color, format, and composition of the image, although this is the same.

My pre-order doesn't arrive: is there a problem?

Very often we receive emails and messages from our customers asking us for information on pre-order shipments.
We are still a young, small and growing shop, so the volume of imported products varies monthly. For this reason, waiting times may vary from the release date of a product in Korea.

We remind you that in the description of pre-order products we always indicate the estimated arrival period in our warehouses. We therefore ask you to refer to this information during the purchasing process.

The estimate indicated in the product description always refers to arrival in the warehouse, and not to delivery to the customer. Furthermore, it is subject to changes for reasons and events external and independent of us, changes which will in any case be notified in the reference description and if necessary directly to the customer.